Our Mission

We strive every day to provide best-in-class customer service for businesses looking to expand and invest in Singapore.


Norris Chan

Co-founder - Operations & Marketing

Norris has been an entrepreneur, investor and advisor to several algorithmic trading, digital marketing agency, and fintech firms. He launched and exited his first venture of DigitalCibi after a stint in banking product development with HSBC. He is one of the co-founders of Singapore’s leading business outsourcing firm providing accounting, company compliance and consulting services to clients worldwide.

Graduated from one of UK’s top business schools, Cass Business School, Norris has strong product domain knowledge with a focus on technology and analytics. He holds a key role in spearheading the digitalization of Piloto Asia’s corporate service and accounting offering to its multi-national clientele. Norris’ immense network in finance has opened doors to Piloto Asia’s ever-evolving service offering, with our clients directly benefiting from emerging corporate banking solutions with the likes of Transferwise, Revolut and BrucBond. He also holds consultancy roles in leading regional corporate service providers such as Asia Business Centre.

Raymond Chan

Co-founder - Business Development

With a background in corporate, company secretarial and investment banking for over a decade, Raymond has gained extensive commercial experience in international trade and corporate structuring from leading banks such as Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank. Over the years, Raymond has developed a strong client network and assisted thousands of clients from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Europe and America to relocate their businesses to Singapore.

Since acquiring his degree from a world-leading business school in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Raymond has lived and worked in China, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. His multicultural exposure and trilingual ability have allowed him to serve an international clientele and cater to their needs with a global perspective. Over the years, Raymond has developed a global reach of business partners across legal, immigration, properties, private equity, fintech and banking.


Felicia Tan

Head of Corporate Services

As a Chartered Secretary of Singapore, Felicia has more than 15 years of experience in corporate compliance, governance and administration. She is a full member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administration. Felicia has earned her experience from top global corporate service firms of Vistra and Orangefield, giving her the necessary experience to serve a wide portfolio of clients from SMEs to globally listed companies.

While specializing in Singapore incorporated companies, Felicia has served and advised over one thousand entities with various offshore entities spanning across BVI, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong. She currently oversees the corporate secretarial team with Piloto Asia and assists our prestige clients with custom engagements.

Debby Salim

Head of Tax & Accounting Services

Debby is a Certified Public Accountant (Australia) and has been in the accounting practice for more than 20 years, working with both small-to-medium sized clients and large corporations. Having worked with leading accounting firms such as RSM, Vistra, and Tricor, her extensive knowledge in Singapore accounting regulations proves to be valuable to Piloto Asia. Now, Debby is in charge of handling our client's accounting, tax, and other outsourcing requirements.

Tam Ly

Head of Client Servicing

Before joining Piloto Asia, Tam was an entrepreneur who migrated from the Netherlands to Singapore in 2010. His entrepreneurial experience, backed by his first-hand experience in relocating to Singapore, has allowed him to develop the best immigration practices that help our clients bring their business and even families to Singapore. Now, he forms a crucial part of the business development side of Piloto Asia and actively works with clients for their company incorporation and immigration needs.


Danny Chan


Danny has launched his first venture as a co-founder of a successful regional corporate service consulting business, providing one-stop company incorporation, virtual office, bank account solutions, business centres and full-suite accounting services. He held the position of Managing Director with the firm for 11 years and has exited the business since after leading its expansion to South East Asia. Danny has since went on to build a new B2C AutoTech platform serving over 20,000 drivers in Asia.

Currently as an advisor to Piloto Asia, Danny actively supports the firm with global business networks and advises Piloto Asia in global competitive landscape. In particular, he brings forward-looking insights from the technology angle such as growth hacking, analytics, and cloud entity management to a relatively traditional but ever-evolving industry.

Man Ching Chan

Vice President, Financial Advisory

Current as a Vice President in one of the biggest multi-family offices in Asia and prior senior positions in Top-3 Chinese brokerage firms, Man Ching is focusing on helping high net worth clients to do worldwide asset allocation and management. With extensive network cross-border and within the financial industry, Man Ching has connected over 250 private clients with 20 private banks in various booking centres, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

Before stepping into Family Office industry, Man Ching worked for a global consulting firm that helped high net worth clients with tailored-made financial solutions. Since being actively involved in business restructuring in 2010, Man Ching has a decade-long experience handling red chip restructuring worth over 4 billion RMB in asset size.

Justin Haguisan

Marketing Manager

Justin brings to the table 13 years’ worth of experience in the Internet marketing industry, with 11 of those years focused on content marketing. With client-facing experience, Justin's content philosophy is focused on bringing solutions to customers' problems while adding valuable information in the process. He's worked for multinational companies from countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia. As Piloto Asia's Marketing Manager, his biggest goal is to provide quality content that allows non-residents to better understand Singapore's work environment and lifestyle.


Jazel Trazona

Tax, Accounting & Audit

Jazel is our Senior Account Specialist with more than 10 years’ experience in the accounting industry. Before joining our team, she worked with clients coming from Hong Kong, the United States, Belgium, and Singapore. Now, she's in charge of our clients' financial records and making sure that they comply with the country's regulations.

Mai Vu

Client Servicing

A veteran in the banking, finance, and wealth management industry, Mai is our go-to person for handling high net-worth clients and business owners looking to bring their investments and companies to Singapore. Here at Piloto Asia, one of her more important duties is to make sure that all our clients' needs are met, especially when it comes to providing guidance for expanding their businesses in the country. She also assists with corporate bank account opening for our clients.


With our combined experience from the largest banking and professional firms out there, your business is in safe hands with Piloto Asia.

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